Monday, January 31, 2011


Mendeley is a newcomer to bibliographic software and will face a high hurdle with me since my institution currently supports refworks. But my initial impressions are very positive. I like the interface better than either Zotero or Refworks. Entering citations also improves on Refworks and Zotero, whose "grab-it" off the web features are spotty. When you download a pdf file into a folder that you have asked Mendeley to "Watch," it will automatically grab the data and add it to your collection. The note-taking features are robust. You can view a pdf within the program. A command ribbon along the top of the document allows you to highlight text, add a sticky note, rotate the document, and take notes more traditionally in a simple text editor incorporated into the reading window. Of course, the notes and markings don't affect the pdf itself, so you can still print the file without your notes. The notes essentially overlay the document. You can print from the original file or export and print with the notes. I haven't tried exporting citations from proprietary databases at Bucknell yet. More soon.


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